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Spa Tech Services provides you with accurate diagnostics for any hot tub or pool issues you may have.

We provide quality and accurate repairs and services using the top rated parts, water chemicals, accessories, with certified and factory trained knowledge of the pool and spa industry.

Spa Tech Services repairs all makes and models of hot tubs and pool, residential and commercial.

Call us first to have your investment taken care of properly.

Tips for Calgary Spa and Hot Tub Owners

Water Chemistry Tips

When starting off with new water in your hot tub, Spa Tech Services recommends that you treat the chemical levels in this order: Calcium/Hardness, Alkalinity, Ph, Sanitizers (either chlorine or bromine). If your alkalinity levels are too low, you will get what is called "Ph Bounce." If levels are too high, you will get what is called "Ph Drift."    >> Read more

Filling of a Hot Tub

It is recommended to fill your hot tub through the filter canister. This will help reduce the chance of an airlock occurring in the pumps. If you fill the lines first, air will be pushed out through the jets. However, if you fill the tub first, air becomes trapped at the pumps.    >> Read more

Hot Tub Filter Maintenance

Filter life is approximately one year, and the filter should be removed every 2-3 weeks, and rinsed off with a garden hose. Every 3 months your filters should be cleaned thoroughly with a filter cleaner. You need to find a container where the filter can be completely submerged with the cleaner and water, and allow it to soak...    >> Read more

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Calgary Spa and Pool Servicing and Repairs | Call us now at 403-370-8827 for a no obligation quote
Calgary Spa and Pool Servicing and Repairs | Parts we service and repair include pumps, heaters, filter systems, salt systems, equipment, accessories, skimmers, jets, liners, chemical feeders and everything your hot tub or pool needs!
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